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* Summer THURSDAY Rec League *
Join solo or with friends! Everyone will be placed on a team. The Summer Social league is the best place for new ballers or people looking for a more social experience.

(Registration opens Friday,
May 24th @ noon)

Thursday League kicks off Thursday, June 20th!!!

*Rosters of up to 22 players with a minimum of 5 females per team


* Summer REC BUDDY DRAW League *
Grab your buddy and sign up! Or join solo! Every pair will be randomly drawn onto a team. The Summer Buddy league is one of our all time FAVORITES and is really the best place to meet new people and play with new teammates. Mix it up! 

(Registration opens Wednesday ,
May 22nd @ noon)

Tuesday Buddy Draw League kicks off Tuesday, June 18th!!!

*Everyone who registers will be placed onto a team!



* Summer ADVANCED DRAFT League*
The advanced division Captains draft is back! We have selected our captains for this season! All players will be drafted in a true draft. SMALL TEAMS!!! Strong Competition!  If you're a skilled player looking for a challenge this is the league for you! 

(Registration opens Wednesday ,
May 22nd @ noon)

Tuesday Advanced League kicks off Tuesday, June 18th!!!

email a league manager

Tuesdays: Val
Thursdays: Ale

General Questions: Click Here

** If you miss out on our fall leagues you can contact us to inquire about subbing! Make sure you sign up to our mailing list so you don't miss out on future leagues! **